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IT Support
Novastream offer a range of IT support options to Businesses and home users. These include on-site support, outsourcing, system design, troubleshooting, installation and upgrades.


Novaspeed - Broadband from Novastream
Are you thinking of getting ADSL broadband at home or at work? Then look no further than Novastream for a quality service with excellent local support at an unbeatable price. We resell Griffin Internet's ADSL services and can offer fixed rate and up to 8Mbps services under both home and consumer variants. Please email for more information.


Wireless Networks
More and more homes have at least 2 computers and it makes sense to connect them together and to the internet. You could try to connect everything with cables but it's a bit messy, wireless is simpler, there are no cables and you can move your computers to another room or roam around the house with a laptop and still stay connected. It's cool!



Telecom Services
We are able to supply expertise to the telecoms industry particularly in the areas of xDSL and ATM.




Anti-Virus Solutions
Panda's anti-virus and internet security products are among the best available. Novastream have partnered with Panda Software to to offer high quality security products to both our online and account customers.


Mail Server Solutions
We are resellers for Alt-n Technologies MDaemon mail server software and related products.

MDaemon offers a full range of mail server functionality. MDaemon protects your users from spam and viruses, provides full security, includes seamless web access to your email via WorldClient and remote administration


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Digital CCTV
Novastream are regional distributors for the Cubitech range of digital video surveillance CCTV products.


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