The things they said about the IT industry.

This is a list of soundbites reputed to be from famous and ordinary people within the IT world, sometimes fun, sometimes serious but always a good read. All words are faithfully reproduced from the worlds printed, video and audio media - we didn't write them!

"For many customers over New Year's Eve the Short Message Service became the slow message service."
- Per-Johan Lundin, Sicap(Jan 2004)

"I'm quite an ordinary person, so the good news is that this does happen to ordinary people who work on things that happen to work out like the web."
- Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the WWW (Jan 2004)

"Just as any self-respecting Maoist would not step out in public without a copy of the Little Red Book,
anyone in step with the Zeitgeist will be clutching an iPod in 2004."
- The Western Mail (Jan 2004)

"There are few if any, customers that think we are a Sun-only shop."
- Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems (Nov 2003)

"The reality is that most larger customers have certain standards. They will use IBM for one thing, Sun for another and HP for something else."
- Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems (Nov 2003)

"Development of the wireless enterprise has been slow. But we expect to see more committment from chief information officers in 2004."
- Julian Hewitt, Ovum (Nov 2003)

"First of all you had half the net companies going bust. Then WAP; I mean where's that now? You got picture messaging that doesnt work and 3G hardly looks like a success. It's difficult not to be cynical."
- Simon, Manchester (Nov 2003)

"As equipment depreciates, people decide it's a dumb decision to buy another core PBX. People expect there will be future services that will require voice and data integration."
- Johna Till Johnson, Nemertes (2003)

"Eventually, IP telephony will prevail and the traditional PBX will be a museum piece."
- Bob Tarzey, Quocirca (2003)

"Broadband is no longer an obstacle, but a solution."
- Ben Verwaayen, CEO BT (Nov 2003)

"A someone who named their first kid Maverick, I never believe in doing things the way they've been done before."
- Scott McNealy, CEO Sun Microsystems (Nov 2003)

"The business case for flexible working is beginning to prove itself and the technology can deliver."
- Beth Egan, Social Market Foundation (Nov 2003)

"Being able to work quietly and industriously at home, with the aid of a VPN can help employees avoid the distractions posed by today's open plan office culture."
- Francesco Caio, CEO Netscalibur (Nov 2003)

"Universal service is about ensuring the affordability and accessibility of basic communication services. Broadband has a way to go yet before it is as widely used as voice telephony."
- Stephen Timms, UK Ecommerce Minister (Nov 2003)

"We've got to give the IT department the assurance that their software will be reliable and secure
without spending the man hours they do today on patching. It's a challenge, but it's do-able."
- Bill Gates, Microsoft (Nov 2003)

"Young people will be the inventors, consumers and business leaders of the future internet and
their ideas, desires and interests will shape its future evolution."
- Dr Vinton Cerf, Internet co-founder (Nov 2003)

"It was a private network that snowballed once enough users came on board. The internet grew
from nothing and another system could do the same in the future."
-Dr Vinton Cerf, Internet co-founder (Nov 2003)

"In a system as global as the internet, a single government may not be the most apporpriate
framework in which to create policy."
-Dr Vinton Cerf, Internet co-founder (Nov 2003)

"If people had been aware of the internet's potential upfront, it's unlikely that commercial
and government bodies would ever have let it happen."
- Dr Robert Kahn, Internet co-founder (Nov 2003)

"Sharing knowledge is not part of Western culture"
- Fons Trompenaars, Trompenaars Hampden-turner (Nov 2003)

"We've always said it was license or litigate"
- Darl McBride, SCO (Nov 2003)

"I thought the two Joes, McCarthy and Stalin were dead. But little did I know that they're both alive and well and running the Record Industry Association of America."
- Wayne Rosso, Grokster (Oct 2003)

" The net has turned into a procrastination apparatus."
- Jakob Nielsen, Web guru (Oct 2003)

"Software spending is good. It shows that we could produce some giants in the
next few years. There are hopes for software that are better than for, say electronics."
- Mike Tubbs (Oct 2003)

"Wireless technology will bring another 5 billion people on the internet,
but governments need to take a different approach to distributing radio spectrum."
- Intel (Oct 2003)

"WiFi in the enterprise is on the way to becoming a common sense tool to drive
business productivity"
- Bill Gates, Microsoft (Oct 2003)

"Apart from a handful of enterprises, businesses aren't playing ball with SCO,
wich is not seeing the success it anticipated with the legal case against IBM"
- Neil Macehiter, Ovum (Oct 2003)

"There is still real innovation at the small end of the market, but everyone's
mindset has changed. People want more valkue and more volume for their money."
- Nick Powel, Ernst & Young (Oct 2003)

"I saw that email was insidiously invading Phones4U so I banned it."
- John Caudwell, Phones4U (Sep 2003)

"No one knows whether you are a dog, a terrorist, a paedophile or just a very insecure
person from Slough who could fall prey to a pack of perverts in chat rooms."
- Paul Briggs (Sep 2003)

"We are omly riding on a wave of inevitability. We haven't invented anything new."
- Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems (Sep 2003)

"Ted, Let me explain revenue: It's like your embezzlement, but its directed at
at customers."
- Dilbert (May 2003)

"It's an absolute nightmare trying to retro-fit standards to existing web sites
and applications."
- Sally Dixon, Citizens Advice (May 2003)

"I can see a situation where you will never need to leave the browser....we're
building up Navigator as a desktop for people who want to use it like that"
- Mark Andreessen, Netscape (Oct 96)

"In the business market there is the concept of the full-service intranet,
which is what Netscape is focused on."
- Mark Andreessen, Netscape (Oct 96)

"The problem with intranets the company wide closed version of the internet
is that there are very few applications for them."
- Mark Prigg, Business Computer World (Oct 96)

"There are several misconceptions doing the rounds. I've even heard that we are
suing Microsoft. We're not. I can only suggest there's a story there."
- Mark Andreessen, Netscape (Oct 96)

Until now the intranet has been 'rather like an unfinished house. It has
foundations and a few walls, but is only a shell'
- Scrivats Sampath, Netscape (Oct 96)

"It can take IT departments months to come up with custom written applications.
But we are giving them the original code so they can be up and running instantly"
- Scrivats Sampath, Netscape (Oct 96)

"Most of the intranets being built are DIY, as IT departments have fun
dipping their toes in the water. As the intranet environment gradually
assumes the status of today's enterprise network, anything DIY will be DOA."
- Guy Matthews, VAR World Magazine (July 96)




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