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CubisPRO Features

Simple Interface
The CubisPRO interface is uncluttered and simple to use. Viewing areas can be organised according to user preference. For example cameras can be grouped according to location or activity level.
  Video Motion Detection (VMD)
Advanced VMD algorithms detect movement in the field of view without external sensors. The size of the object to be tracked can be defined, minimising false alarms and efficiently managing  storage space by recording only when an event occurs.
Simultaneous Operation
Footage can be viewed live, recorded and stored, played back, searched and analysed and transmitted all at the same time.
  Distributed Architecture
CubisPRO modules do not have to be located at the same physical location, Sites can be distributed in different buildings across the country and viewed and controlled through a single integrated interface
Digital Storage - Not Tapes
A range of storage configurations are available to suit any recording time requirement. Custom system configurations enable up to 6 months of continuous recording. The internal system database stores footage so that it is readily available on demand. No intervention is required at any time.
  Camera Access Protection
Different level of access can be defined on a per-camera basis. Cameras can be completely hidden from unauthorised users or viewing may be password protected.
Data Export
Video and audio footage, incident logs and maintenance reports can be exported to external devices in a wide variety of supported formats.
  Security Clearance Access
CubisPRO allows different levels of access to be assigned to different user, For example, an operator may be enabled only to view CCTV footage, whereas an Administrator may be able to view footage, change setting and administer the site remotely.
Easy Search
CubisPRO indexes footage as it is recorded, so that it can be readily retrieved and searched in traditional playback mode, by date, time or camera
  Security Reports
Maintenance reports can be produced which log any change carried out the system - which user changed which settings and when, including tampering or deleting footage, The reports are encrypted and accessible only to selected personnel
CubisPRO uses superior differential transmission to deliver live and recorded video and audio using minimal bandwidth consumption, at best image quality and usable image size.
  Multiple Language Support
The CubisPRO interface is available in several European languages, including English, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese and others.



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