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CubisPRO Technical Specifications

Video Inputs Up to 16 CVBS video inputs, BNC Type with mixed colour and B/W camera operation
Audio Inputs Up to 16 channels, 8KHz mono
Automatic Camera Detection Cameras are automatically detected as they are installed
Video Type PAL - 25fps
NTSC - 30fps
Capture/Recording Rate
Cameras Per Camera
1 25fps
2 25fps
4 25fps
8 10fps
16 4fps
Compression User configurable compression level

Compression Algorithm is JPEG

Compression Ratio 1:200
Storage IDE Solution - Up to 640GB available for storage. More than 5 months of video and audio

SCSI Solution - Up to 4 channel SCSI-3 Ultra3 wide, supporting up to 60 SCSI hard disks. Total storage capacity more than 4 Terabytes
Transmission Transmission Protocols - TCP/IP, IPX, IP Multicast

Transmission Speed
Medium Speed Frames
PSTN 56kbps 4fps
ISDN 128kbps 10fps
ADSL 2Mbps 25fps
LAN 10Mbps 25fps
Pre/Post Event Up to 30 seconds of Pre/post event video and audio configurable per camera for cameras recording or VMD or audio trigger
Audio Triggering User settable threshold for detecting audio peaks
configurable per audio channel
Video Motion Detection Video motion detection for each individual camera.
Masking. Area specific VMD. Adjustable sensitivity levels
Digital Inputs IN 16 Channels, 12mA per channel

OUT 8 channels , 100mA per channel

Alarms Audible, Emergency Video dial out, Email, SMS, Pager
Text Overlay Camera information, site information, date, time
Real-time info per camera Swipe card, till and other real-time info
PTZ controls Available on request for most manufacturers
Exporting format Bmp, Jpeg, Mpeg, Cubitech Viewer
Exporting media CDR, DVD-R, Jazz Tape, ZIP drive or any other media supported by Windows 2000/XP
PC Health Plugin Notifies for hardware, software, network errors. Recovers from power outages and resumes normal operation

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