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MDaemon offers a full range of mail server functionality. MDaemon protects your users from spam and viruses, provides full security, includes seamless web access to your email via WorldClient, remote administration, and much more!
With MDaemon's Spam Blocker and Spam Filter you can stop spam at the door before it ever gets to your users! MDaemon's suite of anti-spam features can cross-reference sending servers with databases of known spammers, heuristically scan messages and assign a spam "score", block or delete high-scoring messages, flag messages as spam and add text to the subject, and more. It can even utilize Bayesian classification to "learn" over time and improve its accuracy.
  AntiVirus Support
Kill computer viruses quick! MDaemon is equipped with full support for Alt-N's AntiVirus solution, MDaemon AntiVirus. Integrating seamlessly with MDaemon, it is powered by the world-renowned antivirus software developed by Kaspersky Labs. MDaemon AntiVirus helps ensure that your email arrives totally free from viruses, and it is rigorously tested to ensure the utmost in performance, identification, confinement, and elimination of email-borne viruses.
Collaboration and Contact Sharing
Share Folders, Calendars, and Contacts, or get MDaemon Groupware and unleash the full power of Outlook's built-in collaboration features with no need for Exchange.
  Web based Email
WorldClient is MDaemon's full-featured, customizable, web mail client that you can use to access your email, address books, and calendars from around the globe.
Instant Messaging
MDaemon's built-in Instant Messenger, ComAgent, provides quick access to chatting, email, contacts, and calendars.
  Remote Administration
Administer MDaemon remotely using your browser and WebAdmin, or use MDaemon's remote administration client, MDConfig.
Content Filtering
Customize server behavior based on the content of messages. Insert and delete headers, add footers, remove attachments, send copies to others, send an instant message, run other programs, and more.
  Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Support
The standard for securing server/client web communications, SSL support provides authentication and encryption for your web mail, and for the SMTP, POP, and IMAP protocols.
ODBC Support
Store Mailing List membership and account data in ODBC accessible databases.
  Multiple Domain Support
Provide email services to any number of distinct Internet domains and IP addresses.
Reliable and Stable
With MDaemon there is no more worrying about the stability or reliability of your server. Ensuring that MDaemon is both stable and reliable is always one of our highest priorities. You can always depend on MDaemon to get the job done.
  Supports IMAP Clients
More efficient than the POP3 protocol, IMAP support allows the use of IMAP clients to manage email on the server rather than having to download and manage it on one machine. Plus with IMAP Mail Rules, you can route your messages directly to the folders of your choice.
Easy to Backup and Restore
MDaemon stores its settings and data in files in your MDaemon folders rather than in the Registry. Backing up and restoring your data is as easy as copying your folders.
MDaemon has an extensive suite of security features including: IP and host screening, anti-relay options, SMTP authentication, reverse lookup, and more.
This is only a partial list of MDaemon's features. Please take a look at the complete feature list.


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