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ADSL Broadband

ADSL Overview

ADSL also known as Broadband is a permanent, always on high-speed Internet connection. ADSL can be used on an existing copper BT phone line. The technology ADSL uses allows data and voice to be sent on the same line at the same time by splitting them into high and low frequencies. This is achieved by using an adapter called a microfilter that is plugged into your existing BT phone socket.

ADSL is available in various download speeds, 512kbps, 1000kbps and 2000kbps. Due to the high bandwidth available with ADSL, you can view websites with active content and download files and e-mails much faster than with a 56k modem connection. You can also watch movies on-line as well as play multi-player on-line games as well. The fixed monthly cost also allows you to stay permanently connected to the Internet without incurring huge phone bills.

To receive broadband you need to have a BT phone line and be connected to an exchange that has been upgraded to provide ADSL. Finally you need to be within 6km of the exchange and that is the length of the copper wire that links your house with the exchange.

You pay an activation charge and a fixed monthly charge that depends on the download speed you select.

Broadband Services from Novastream

Novastream are a broadband provider in the Cambridge area. We offer a range of packages that suite most people's requirements. We have divided the offering into business broadband and domestic broadband, click on the appropriate link below for more details:



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