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Working from home is becoming more attractive these days due to the widespread availability of broadband internet access and the ever increasing traffic on the roads leading to major cities.

Almost everyone can do at least some of their job at home and for some they could be permanently be based at home with occasional trips to the office for example software programmers, graphic designers, journalists, consultants, translators, call centre agents, etc the list is long.

The government recently brought in legislation that compels companies to look favourably on any employee request to be able work from home in some capacity. The legislation aims to improve the work-life balance for the employee whilst returning some benefit to the company.

Novastream are experienced in installing and configuring systems that enable companies to offer home-working to their staff. In the is section we aim to highlight the benefits of home-working for companies and their employees and to explain in simple terms how it can be achieved together with ballpark costs and examples of typical home-working systems.

The Benefits of Home-Working
A clear home-working policy supported by good technology will generate benefits for the employer and the employees.

Employer Benefits

  • Reduced overheads
  • Increased productivity
  • A happier workforce
  • Compliance with legislation
Employee Benefits
  • No journey to work
  • Reduced travelling costs
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Improved Quality of Life
How does it work?
The basic necessity for staff to work from home is to have a computer and a reliable, secure link to the office information systems.

A typical home-working solution encompasses two systems, one at the office site and one at the home user site. At the office site a box authenticates in-coming connections and encrypts information. At home a system initiates the connection with the office and maintains a secure link so to all intents and purposes the home users PC appears to be part of the office network with access to files, applications and communications

The Novastream Solution
Novastream will work with your IT staff and home workers to develop an appropriate and cost effective home-working system that benefits both the company and the employees. Off-the-shelf solutions are preferable but in many cases the new system needs to be integrated with existing technology and Novastream will design a system that harness the existing infrastructure thus keeping costs down.

Contacting us
To discuss the possibilities of implementing home-working for your company or for more information please call Novastream on 01223 207 008 or email us at
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