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VPN Implementation

To implement a home-working solution Novastream will

  • Analyse the company home-working requirements
  • Design the VPN structure
  • Procure all equipment and software
  • Install required office and home VPN equipment
  • Thoroughly beta test the new system prior to launch
  • Provide training to home-workers and IT staff in usage and administration of the new system
A Novastream network architect will work with the client to determine the extent of requirement for VPN.

We will design a VPN infrastructure that meets the needs of the client within their budget constraints. The design will also fully integrate with the existing infrastructure.

Provision of Equipment
Novastream will supply all new equipment required to implement the agreed design

We will install and connect the equipment at the client central site and also at the remote/homeworking sites.

System Test
Once the new VPN has been installed Novastream will thoroughly test the configuration and optimise it for ease of use and security.

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